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Argentina mulls allowing euthanasia

A couple has asked for a "dignified death" for their 2-year-old daughter who has been in a vegetative state since birth.

The case of a 2-year-old girl in a vegetative state has drawn attention to the issue of euthanasia in Argentina.

"Camilla is in a vegetative state since she was born. She doesn't cry, she doesn't blink, she doesn't swallow, she doesn't move," her mother, Selva Herbon, 37, told EFE.

Her parents have asked that their daughter be allowed a "dignified death."

In response to the case, the Argentine Senate and the Buenos Aires legislature began individual hearings on whether to legalize euthanasia.

In the Senate debate, the biggest question focused on the fears of medical practitioners about the legal consequences they might face, reports La Nacion.

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