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Sea names no small matter

Falklands Sea or Malvinas Sea? Choose wisely.
Britain falklands 2011 09 21Enlarge
Falklands veterans march in London, on June 17, 2007. (Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

The Persian Gulf or the Arabian Gulf? The East Sea or the Sea of Japan?

Naming places is fraught with political peril, and the waters around the Falkland Islands (or is it the Islas Malvinas?) are no different.

South Korea is considering using the Argentine name for the waters around the islands, in retaliation for Britain's refusal to use Seoul's name for the sea off the east of the Korean peninsula, reports MercoPress.

Seoul might starting referring to the waters as both the "Falklands Sea" and the "Malvinas Sea" to recognize both countries' claims to the islands.

The islands are under British rule, but Argentina regards them as stolen territory. Argentina invaded in 1982, but was soundly defeated.

South Korea has been trying to encourage the use of the name "East Sea" to refer to the waters between Korean peninsula and Japan, which most countries call the "Sea of Japan."

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