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A reported blog on happenings around Latin America.

Latin America puts forward its films for the Oscars

Check out Latin America's submissions for Best Foreign Language Film at the upcoming Academy Awards.

The submissions for Best Foreign Language film for the Academy Awards were due this week.

Each country can submit one film. Before the awards, the list will be narrowed down to five nominess.

Check out some of the films Latin America had to offer:

Argentina: "Aballay, el hombre sin miedo” (Aballay, a man without fear)

Chile: "Violeta"

Brazil: “Tropa de Elite 2: O Inimigo Agora É Outro" (Elite Squad: The Enemy Within)

Colombia: "Los colores de la montana" (The Colors of the Mountain)

Cuba: "Habanastation"

Mexico: "Miss Bala"

Peru: "Octubre" (October)

Uruguay: "La casa muda" (The Silent House)

Venezuela: "El rumor de las piedras" (The Rumble of the Stones)

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