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Map: Smuggling routes and cartel territory

Interactive explanations of turf wars, cocaine smuggling and the global underworld.
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TIJUANA, MEXICO - The border wall stands approximately 100 yards from a factory where a drug tunnel was discovered leading into the United States in October of 2013. (Sandy Huffaker/AFP/Getty Images)

Much of the fighting in Mexico can be attributed to turf wars between rival gangs.

Mexico has at least eight separate cartels, which all maintain billion-dollar trafficking routes.

To better understand who is fighting — and over what — check out this map by Stratfor.


For more on the Sinaloa cartel — considered one of the largest and most powerful cartels in the Western Hemisphere — take a look at this excellent series from the Los Angeles Times. The coverage includes an interactive cocaine road map that traces how drugs are smuggled across the border.

Source: Los Angeles Times. Click for interactive version.

And to understand how the Mexican cartels, la Cosa Nostra and the Yakuza fit together, here's a map of the global underworld from Wired.

Source: Wired. Click for interactive version.

(h/t Business Insider)

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