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GIF of the Day: Obama's exploding fist bump at the State of the Union

At last night's State of the Union Address, Obama did more than reach across the aisle. He reached across it and did an exploding fist bump.
Obama arrives sotu Enlarge
President Barack Obama arrives at Congress to deliver his State of the Union address (Pool/Getty Images)

From his strong words on budget cuts and nuclear proliferation to his emotional appeal for women's rights and stricter gun control laws, the State of the Union definitely had some golden moments.

But of all the highlights from last night's address, the moment that really stole the show happened before Obama's speech even began — it was when President Obama did an exploding fist bump with Sen. Mark Kirk (R - Ill.).

That's right. Not only did he reach across the aisle — he rolled in to the House of Representatives, reached across aisle, and did an exploding fist bump like a boss.

Watch and enjoy:

This GIF of Obama's Exploding Bipartisan Fist Bump Is the State of the Union Highlight

Hat tip to our friends at Gawker for spotting this magical moment.