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Outrage of the Day: Korean teacher allegedly beats student and then masturbates in the hallway

After a disturbing sequence of events, a high school teacher in Seoul has been arrested for causing bodily harm and public exposure.
Korea studentsEnlarge
Students in Seoul, South Korea. (Chung Sung-Jun/AFP/Getty Images)

After allegedly exhibiting behavior that can, at best, be described as shocking and vulgar, a 55-year-old teacher at a Seoul high school has been arrested for both causing bodily harm and indecent public exposure.

At 2:40 p.m. on April 17, upon discovering that a male student was using earphones during class, Mr. A — as the teacher in question is being called — allegedly severely beat the student and then proceeded to the hallway, where he reportedly dropped his pants in view of several students and began to masturbate.

After confirming that Mr. A had assaulted one of his students, the Seoul Department of Education immediately removed him from his position and began taking steps toward legal disciplinary action, reports say.

A spokesperson for the Yangcheon Police Department commented, “While we are still questioning the suspect, the teacher does not appear to have any mental problems…. Mr. A is denying that he touched himself in public.”

Below is a video taken by a student after the event. The brief footage, which has been shared on several Korean social media sites, shows students who are visibly and audibly uncomfortable, screaming "What's wrong with him?"


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