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Number of the Day: 8

An earthquake with the magnitude of 8.0 struck east of the Solomon Islands, prompting tsunami warnings across the Pacific.
Solomon IslandsEnlarge
The Solomon Islands (Google Maps/Screengrab)

Notes in a musical scale. 

Legs on an octopus.

Sides on a Stop sign.

Pints in a gallon.

The number of days a week needed for Lennon and McCartney to show they care.

Sadly, today's number of the day reflects the 8.0-magnitude earthquake that struck off the Solomon Islands earlier this morning.

According to the latest reports, five people are reportedly dead, including a child, several people are reported missing, and as many as 100 homes have been destroyed after the earthquake sent strong waves crashing into several South Pacific islands.

The U.S. Geological Survey reported that the quake struck 50 miles west of Lata, at a depth of 3.6 miles. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre said that a tsunami of about a meter high was measured in Lata wharf – smaller waves were recorded in Vanuatu and New Caledonia. The PTWC has since cancelled warnings for tsunami waves at more distant locations.

Today's Quick Click is brought to you by the number 8:

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