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What the LIBOR isn't

Don't get your London Interbank Offered Rates mixed up with your Liboars.

Do you find yourself scratching your head every time the term "LIBOR" starts making headlines?

It's not easy to remember technical — and often painfully boring — explanations of financial terms. Which is why GlobalPost made this handy, fun explainer back in July.

But sometimes the best way to commit a tough concept to memory is through a lesson in what it isn't.

To that end, here's some clarification.

A LIBOR is not this:

That, if you must know, is a Liboar (half lion, half boar).

And — we know, we know, you get them confused all the time — it's not a girl's name of Hebrew origin, either.

In fact, LIBOR isn't "an" anything. It's the London Interbank Offered Rate, silly. Not a cholesterol drug.