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UPDATED: Storify: Europe's general strike, in pictures

A pan-European general strike crippled Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Belgium also saw mass protests, and transportation across the western side of the continent was deeply affected. This is a collection of pictures from the ground, sourced through social media.
Lisbon protests rightsEnlarge
Protesters march in Lisbon during a general strike on November 14, 2012. General strikes in Spain, Portugal and Italy took place on the day of action called by European unions and joined by activists as anger over governments' tight-fisted policies boils over. (PATRICIA DE MELO MOREIRA/AFP/Getty Images)

We'll be keeping an eye on the situation as it unfolds. For now, Spain and Italy appear violent, while Athens is mostly peaceful. Flights and trains have been delayed or out-right cancelled because of strikes and protests in Spain.