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Jon Stewart laughs off Iranian threat

Jon Stewart mocks Iran as the country moves forward with nuclear plans.
Ahmadinejad iran threat 2012 01 11Enlarge
Iran President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (ATTA KENARE/AFP/Getty Images)

BOSTON -- Don't believe the hype, at least that is what Jon Stewart is saying. 

In the Tuesday night episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took a break from caucus coverage to focus on the rest of the world, including the recent news that Iran will be creating a second uranium enrichment site.

Stewart wasn't buying the excuse that Iran was enriching uraniun for medical reasons, such as treating cancer patients: 

 Maybe your people wouldn't have such a high cancer rate if you didn't spend every waking moment trying to enrich uranium. 

The Daily Show also mocked the coverage by several media outlets on the potential threat that Iran may close the Straight of Hormuz in retaliation to nuclear sanctions.

Iran has been the center of controversy for some time regarding their enrichment program. Just yesterday an Iranian nuclear scientist was assassinated in a car bombing in Tehran. Iran is blaming both the United States and Israel for the scientist's death. 

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