Syria’s protestors warn of taking up arms

Protestors march in Homs, which is suffering a sustained military assault. With the UN Security Council unable to act against the Assad regime's deadly crackdown, increasing numbers of protestors warn taking up arms may be their only option.

As tens of thousands again protested for freedom across Syria today and activists reported 11 killed by security forces an increasing number of protestors interviewed by a GlobalPost reporter warned they would soon take up arms to defend themselves in the absence of international protection.

“Most of protesters today were calling for international protection and intervention. We want anyone to protect us from the brutal regime,” said Mohammed al-Idlibi, 28, a protester from Idlib, which has been under a military assault for weeks and where armed civilians are reportedly fighting alongside defected soldiers against Assad’s security forces.

“All people are moving to use arms in the near future. If your brother or father is killed, you will do whatever to revenge.”

In Damascus’ wealthy Mezze district a protest of around 400 people also called for international protection.“Syria is walking toward armed revolution against the regime which has begun using helicopters and jet fighters,” said Salim, a 20-year-old protestors in Mezze. 

“We should expect anything from the Assad regime. I began to hear more normal people accepting to use arms against the security men and shabiha [pro-Assad thugs]. Day by day, we are moving to more radical ideas.”