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In Aceh, New Year's revelry is anti-Islam

Fireworks, trumpets and concerts all banned in Indonesia's Shariah law province
Aceh boyEnlarge
An Acehnese young boy puts paper flowers into the ground, provided by Japanese people from Kobe as part of the 6th earthquake and tsunami anniversary in Banda Aceh on December 25, 2010. (CHAIDEER MAHYUDIN/AFP/Getty Images)

Forget champagne.

New Year's Eve fireworks displays or even trumpet music are morally degenerate means of ushering in 2012, according to officials in Indonesia's strictly Islamic Aceh province.

How should the Acehnese celebrate? They shouldn't, provincial headmen proclaimed, according to the Jakarta Post. Concerts, fireworks and the blowing of trumpets were all officially banned during celebrations in Aceh.

The Acehnese people would be better off "staying at home, reciting the Koran and praying for betterment next year,” an official told the newspaper.