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Rare photo of Ai Weiwei

Some good news in the saga of Ai Weiwei and a rarely seen photo of the man himself.
Chinese artist Ai Weiwei in his studio in Beijing in 2009. (Sharron Lovell/GlobalPost)

"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil."

The ages-old maxim referring to those who feign ignorance or choose to look the other way is far from Ai Weiwei's motto.

Pictured here acting out the three poses, the dissident Chinese artist overturns the adage and showcases his playful streak.

This rarely seen photo was taken in Ai's Beijing studio by photographer Sharron Lovell on June 30, 2009,

The buzz surrounding Ai's April 3 arrest at the Beijing airport had died down in recent weeks. But today, the controversial Chinese artist was released "on bail," reportedly for "his good attitude in confessing his crimes," according to Reuters.

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