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Chinese boys claim pig abuse is just "class experiment"

Police prep school students circulate photos of pigs beaten, strangled and drowned
China pig abuse 2011 07 19Enlarge
Young Chinese students claim photos of apparent pig torture are really just a "class experiment," Chinese media reports (Screengrab)

A group of Chinese students creatively torturing a pig has prompted Internet outrage in China and a justification from the abusers.

Sorry, the boys say. It was just a "class experiment."

Photos gone viral in China show the boys strangling, drowning and stringing up multiple pigs from a pole. The students from Nanning city are reportedly studying at a special police prep school, according to the ChinaSmack site, which has translated coverage from the Chinese-language press.

"What's Wrong With Kids These Days?" read the headline of an article in the Chinese news site The students, according to ifeng, claim to have conducted a "forensics class experiment undertaken by criminal investigation and special police students."