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Dutch to Indonesia: sorry about that massacre

Up to 430 Javanese young men slaughtered by colonialist Dutch troops in 1947
Indonesia dutch massacre 2011 09 15Enlarge
Leader of the Indonesian National Party Achmed Sukarno (1902-70) demanding independence from the Netherlands in an undated photo. Indonesian independence from Dutch colonial rule was achieved in 1949 after a bloody struggle. (-/AFP/Getty Images)

Better late than never.

The Netherlands sent its Indonesia ambassador to a small Javanese village to, at long last, apologize for a bloodbath waged by colonialist troops in 1947, according to the AP.

The unarmed young men were slaughtered to intimidate and weaken a guerrilla force that later secured Indonesia's independence in 1949.

The apology, reports the Jakarta Globe, will be paired with $27,000 payouts to nine relatives of the victims.