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Hit-and-run toddler dies

Girl's plight had stirred outrage in China over unwillingness to help others

Yueyue, the Chinese toddler whose plight sparked national outrage and soul-searching this week after she was run over by two vans and ignored by more than a dozen passersby, has died of her injuries.

Chinese media and other sources say the two-year-old girl, who was seen on video being run over twice by one van, once by a second car, and ignored by several people as she lay bleeding in the street, died in a local hospital in Guangdong province. After 18 people ignored on the street, a garbage collector finally stopped for the girl, tried to lift her up and called for her parents to help.

The incident has sparked intense outcry in China, where a growing concern has built in recent years about decline in moral values and indifference to others. While some have faulted the country's system of repressing for fostering a lack of concern, officials in Guangdong have discussed passing a law that would force people to help when they witness or come across an emergency.


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