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Hong Kong dogs do yoga (VIDEO)

Just relax. And do a little yoga with your dog.
Japan dog yoga 2012 01 05Enlarge
Owners and their dogs experience Dog Yoga at the New Year Dog Party held at Tokyo Big Sight on Jan. 12, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan. Dog yoga has recently caught on in Hong Kong. (Junko Kimura/AFP/Getty Images)

Doing yoga with your dog isn't new. Japan and the US have been onto it for a while now, according to AFP.

But Hong Kong has finally caught on.

You may scoff. These pampered pooches are taking advantage of what many of us can't afford on a daily basis.

But there are some obvious benefits for dog and owner alike — particularly in Hong Kong, where dogs aren't allowed in many public spaces. And, quite frankly, the number of public spaces for people to enjoy are limited.

Check out the AFP's video on YouTube.