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Philippine Army promotes boxer Pacquiao

Boxer, congressman and, now, lieutenant colonel
Manny pacquiao military 2011 12 05Enlarge
Boxer and Congressman Manny Pacquiao is promoted to lieutenant colonel in the Philippine Army. (Philippine Army Chief Public Affairs Office/Courtesy)

Ambidextrous millionaire boxer Manny Pacquiao, if called upon, can now command a large number of troops in the Philippine Army.

Two months ago, Pacquiao, a master sergeant, shot up in the army's reserve forces to lieutenant colonel, according to Manila's ABS-CBN News. He is just now receiving his fancy shoulder boards.

One defense expert in the ABS-CBN piece suggests Manny shouldn't be promoted to such a lofty rank just because he can knock dudes cold with his left hand.

But the army, in an AFP piece, insists that Pacquiao could spike recruitment and will only be called upon to help handle natural disasters.