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Philippine cops accused of rubbing chillies on recruits' genitals

Eight police trainers detained over allegations of chili-related hazing
Philippines chillies 2011 08 04Enlarge
Footage released by the Philippine Commission on Human Rights shows police trainees forced to eat excruciatingly hot chillies. Eight officers have been detained for allegedly carrying out other abuses, including rubbing hot chillies on recruits' genitals. (Philippine Commission on Human Rights/Courtesy)

Footage released by the Philippine Commission on Human Rights show police recruits' faces contorted with pain.

Their trainers forced them to eat fistfuls of excruciatingly hot chillies and even rubbed them into their genitals, the rights commission claims.

The police force appears to be taking the accusations seriously, according to Agence France Presse. The agency reported that eight police trainers are now in detention and the force has condemned the painful training tactic.

As for the cops who endured the chili torture? They have since completed their training session, meant to prepare them for counterinsurgency, and are now members of the force, AFP reports.