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5.5 tons of Nutella stolen during heist in Germany

The heist took place in the the central German town of Bad Hersfeld, where thieves are apparently known for stealing foodstuffs.
Nutella heistEnlarge
Crooks in a small central German town made off with 5.5 tons of Nutella Monday, police say. (Wikipedia/Wikimedia commons)

German police said Monday that thieves stole 5.5 tons of the delicious hazelnut-chocolate spread Nutella.

Theheist took placein the the central German town of Bad Hersfeld.

The robbers apparently stole a delivery vehicle filled with the creamy breakfast treat.

It is estimated the loot was worth over $20,000 but details remained sketchy on how they pulled off the robbery.

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Apparently, a large quantity ofenergy drinks had recently been stolen from the same store.

It is still unclear whether the crooks are just Nutella-addicts or there is a black market for chocolatey spreads.