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600-pound Pennsylvania man carved from house by hazmat team (VIDEO)

The house was filled with junk the man had accumulated over time, and a hazmat team had to go in to determine his location. Eventually, he was moved to an ambulance on a flatbed truck.
600 pound man pulled from pennsylvania homeEnlarge
Screengrab from WPXI. (Screengrab)

A 600-pound Pennsylvania man on Tuesday found he needed to go to the hospital. But when police responded, they could not find him inside the house. So they called the fire department. When the fire department arrived, they deemed the home - which was brimming with detritus the man had collected over the years - too toxic to enter. 

The Valley News Dispatch wrote a neighbor called police to check in on George Sargent. "When emergency responders arrived, they called in a hazmat team about 2:30 p.m. from the Westmoreland County Department of Public Safety to check an odor in the home." The smell was not toxic, but was referred to "residual stink," the paper wrote. 

“The police came and knocked all the windows out, but they didn’t hear from him,” neighbor Lee Hanyo said, according to a video cited by the New York Daily News.

"To make room to remove Sargent from his home, officials first had to tow his Dodge Ram pickup, whose cab was two-thirds full of litter, such as pizza boxes, egg cartons and beverage containers," the Valley News Dispatch wrote.

According to WPXI, they then cut a hole in the wall with chainsaws, before using a pulley system to deliver him to a nearby ambulance by way of a flatbed truck.

"It's very sad and shouldn't have come to that, but at least they got him out and he's alright," Hanyo said.