Charity auctions coffee with Apple CEO Tim Cook

A celebrity “face time” auction to raise money for the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights shows Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has been elevated beyond movie-star status. 

The top bid – so far – for a coffee with the silver-haired Cook has reached $180,000 – more than 42 times the highest bid for lunch with “The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola or the chance to act in a scene with Chris Hemsworth in a Michael Mann film.

Charitybuzz opened the bidding on Wednesday afternoon and by early Thursday the opportunity to have some face time with the bespectacled Cook had received 52 bids, with the highest offer at $180,000.

The winning bidder is expected to have one hour to quiz Cook about Apple, its products or, maybe, just the coffee they are drinking.

But how much will Cook say?

 StableyTimes pointed out that Cook is unlikely to answer questions about the highly anticipated iPhone 6 because he would be breaking a bunch of disclosure rules.

The Guardian reported the bidders for face time with Cook included executives from rival companies such as Blackberry and a British photographer who said he wanted to discuss human rights in Asia, where Apple products are made.

The auction will run until May 14. Check out the bidding here.

If you were the winning bidder, what would you ask Cook?