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Beyoncé the puppy, as big as an iPhone, may be world's tiniest

A dachshund mix born to a stray mother in California wasn't expected to live but her size has drawn great attention.
A still image taken from a YouTube video shows Beyoncé appearing on an ABC television broadcast. (YouTube)

She weighed just an ounce when she was born March 8 in San Bernardino, California and may be the world’s smallest puppy ever, according to The Associated Press.

Beyoncé, as her owners have called her, is a dachshund mix born to a stray mother found wandering the streets, according to the news agency.

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At birth, she wasn’t expected to live. But alive she fit into a spoon. Since then, she’s posed by an iPhone, a tapemeasure and a business card in order to demonstrate her diminutive size, according to the AP.

ABC News posted this video of Beyoncé’s appearance on TV:

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According to ABC, Beyoncé’s mother Casey was scheduled to undergo an abortion and be spayed when a veterinarian decided her pregnancy was too advanced to be ended.

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Beyoncé and the four other puppies in her litter will be put up for adoption with their mother Casey, according to ABC.

“It’s a remarkable story. You don’t expect dogs to survive with that many chances of death,” Jeanne Warr, director of operations at the Grace Foundation, which is caring for the animals, was quoted as saying. “She is just a remarkable little survivor.”

The Grace Foundation’s executive director, Beth Decaprio, told the AP that her organization hoped the publicity surrounding he survival of Beyoncé would encourage others to adopt shelter dogs and save them from being destroyed.

"Beyonce and her family are lucky, but we know that most of these don't get that kind of chance,” she was quoted as saying.