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Bloody heroin needle found in bread (VIDEO)

The bloody heroin needle was found in a loaf of bread by a UK mom who was making a sandwich for her 10-year-old son.
Russia heroin needleEnlarge
A discarded needle in Kimry, Russia — a town known as Russia's tiniest drug capital. (Yuli Weeks/Courtesy)

A mother in England makes a gruesome find, discovering a bloody heroin needle in a loaf of bread.

The woman in Manchester was making her 10-year-old a sandwich when she found the used needle pushed through the loaf's plastic wrapper, The Telegraph reported.

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She called authorities, who used DNA technology to link the syringe to 61-year-old David Rodgers.

Rodgers, of Salford, pleaded guilty this week to contaminating the bread with intent to cause public alarm, The Daily Mail reported.

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He said he hid the heroin needle in the bread after getting high in December to keep his wife from finding out he was using the drug again.

Besides HIV, used drug needles can expose handlers to hepatitis B and C and other bloodborne infectious diseases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.