Chinese workers stage 'Gangnam Style' protest over unpaid wages

Chinese 'Gangnam Style' protest.

A group of workers in central China staged a “Gangnam Style” protest to shame a construction company into paying more than $37,000 in unpaid wages.

With less than three weeks until Chinese New Year and no way of getting home without their pay packets, the workers performed the famous horse-riding dance in front of their employer’s building in Wuhan city on Monday, the China Daily newspaper reported.

A man surnamed Zeng, 61 and the oldest dancer in the group, said he was owed 20,000 yuan, or more than $3,200, which his family urgently needs.

It is not clear if the workers’ rendition of the South Korean pop hit was effective, but it could serve as an inspiration for other frustrated Chinese workers looking to draw media attention to their plight.

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