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News you wish you didn't know.

Donald trump 10 25 2012Enlarge
Donald Trump has deleted some of the Twitter tirade he posted following President Barack Obama's re-election, and added new critiques of NBC's Brian Williams. (Matthew Cavanaugh/AFP/Getty Images)

The American political satirist Stephen Colbert, host of the late night comedy show The Colbert Report, made Donald Trump an offer that he'll almost certainly refuse.

Colbert said he would donate 1 million dollars from his Super PAC, Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow, to Trump's charity of choice if he could... wait for it... stick his balls in Trump's mouth.

Colbert was prompted by Trump's $5 million-dollar offer to President Barack Obama's charity of choice. That is, if the president made public his college records and passport applications.

"Nation, I am so moved by this generous offer, that I have an offer of my own, right over here," Colbert said Wednesday night.

"Mr Trump, I will write you a check for $1 million dollars from Colbert Super PAC — you know I've got it — to the charity of your choice.

"Anything. Save The Children. Feed The Children. Put The Children on Child Apprentice, whatever!"

James Keel More than 1 year ago
How about Obama not hiding everything, like his birth certificate. Before anyone says he showed one, why lock it in the first place? Till you can get one forged maybe?
Jayson Sandborn More than 1 year ago
Not many Americans know about the 6 month investigation into Mr. Obama's supposed BC. It's VERY lame. Not even well done forgery. Which makes you suspect one of his advisers or an advisers buddy did it ( They say it was done on a Mac though! ) It's not even close to believable: His Selective service card is really lame too ! ( same video. Researched by police investigators. )
Robert Spires More than 1 year ago
I'll give Colbert $1.00 if he would take his head out of his butt.
Jose Ugarte More than 1 year ago
Dana Longino More than 1 year ago
me too, i'll chip in $.25, let's start an account ... just let me know where to send the quarter.
Frank Pierce More than 1 year ago
Well Colbert wants to be outraged over fact that Trump is willing to pay 5 million out for Obama's info. That's pretty outraged over something so petty. Why is Colbert so outset over that? Why would Trump give 5 million for Obama's info?
Dana Longino More than 1 year ago
astonishing that you are trying to make sense out of this ... colbert is hilarious and donald is foolish and his attacks on the president are ridiculous ... this is one of the funniest social events of our decade ... a billionaire albeit bankrupt declaring billionnaire 4x? could that be true? is obsessed over a birth certificate ... absolutely ridiculous
Jayson Sandborn More than 1 year ago
The BC is a counterfeit. It's proven. A child could tell the difference. ( but most people won't take the time to look at the evidence. I bet you're one of them! ) His Selective service card is really lame too ! ( same video. Researched by police investigators. )
X X More than 1 year ago
I will give Colbert the deed to my home if I can run 20 meters at full gate and plant a cleated foot directly in is unobstructed nut-sack!!
Jayson Sandborn More than 1 year ago
Colbert may be smart but.. he's clueless about Mr. Obama's records... college papers etc. as are the rest o f the U.S. because Obama sealed them first thing when he got in office. I wonder what he is hiding ? Radical liberal ideologies?
rTw More than 1 year ago
Zarksonn Nigzikisiliff More than 1 year ago
I'd like to jam my size-12 steel-toed Caterpillar work boot down Eric Holder's throat. Anyone more vile in the history of the American Presidency?
Mike Eschmann More than 1 year ago
I hope that it's pay per view
Ines S More than 1 year ago
Perfect come back to Trump :) Thumbs up Colbert.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
thank you Mr. Cobert for exposing this october surprise for what it really is. A JOKE. Trump is not a serious player in politics, despite his financial status. The only reason he has a platform is because he is wealthy. Wealth is not an indication of intelligence. There are millions of intelligent people who are not wealthy. It is shameful to see a Bully try to extort something from the president of the united states, and have not compusion about it. To feel that it is ok because there are a few others that feel the same. I have voted for leberal and conservatives over the years and admire those with strong convictions on both sides. However that does not mean I agree with them on every issue. The job of a polititian is to represent the views of the people he or she represents... not there own. Not those who elected you, not the special interest groups, and not the parties. Represent the people as a whole. So that means if 45% of the people you were elected to represent feel one way, and 525 feel another, you do have a majority. But are you representing all the people. This why we compromise. Compromise is give and take so 70% to 90% of the people are OK with the outcome. Finanlly, to those who stand by as you elected leaders and party spokes persons do things that make you embarrassed to identify with them. Realize that you have no alliegence to either party. our alliegence is to the country. The only way to bring civility into the fray is to vote out those who refuse to be civil. the only way to silence the crazies on the left and the right, is to stop voting them into office, watching them on TV shows, and remaining silent then they tell you what you are suposed to think if you are a real American. Vote as a person, not as a party. Vote for the person, not for the party. Most of the FAR left and FAR right are really just entertainers, making millions off of smearing each other in office, on tv, and public. Is this who we want to lead this country? I think we deserve better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I just reread my post, I am aware I did not use spell check.
Glenn More than 1 year ago
Typical liberal, speak now, check later
M. More than 1 year ago
wealth is politics. that's why it's a fixed two party system; with the illusion of choice. and their final ideal is precisely to run the gov as a corp.- finally; can plz has les tl;dr1