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Dangling Boris meme takes the Internet by storm

London's mayor, Boris Johnson, is stealing the Olympic spotlight after getting stuck on a zipline.

Boris Johnson, London's mayor, is doing a fantastic job of bringing more attention to the London Olympic games. But it may not be in the way he intended. 

While attempting to use a zipline set up by the city to soar over the Olympic village, the frequently awkward mayor became stuck 20 feet above the ground. 

When a spectator asked Johnson how he was feeling, the newspaper quotes him as saying “very, very well thank you”, before shouting: "Get me a rope, get me a ladder" to bystanders, GlobalPost reported yesterday.

Johnson then tried to reassure the crowd, saying “It’s very, very well organized. “It’s going well so far. Right.”

While the mayor has finally made it off the line, he hasn't made it off the internet. Following the incident Twitter erupted with the #DanglingBoris tag and several memes began popping up all over the Internet. A new website has even been created in his honor called Check out a few of our favorite interpretations of the Dangling Boris meme above, and check out video of the incident below.

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