Plane trying to leave Reagan airport veers off runway and gets stuck in mud

A plane leaving Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia has veered off the runaway and been left with its wheels stuck in mud.

Delta Flight 1763 bound for Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport was trying to enter the runway when the right gear left the pavement, Delta spokeswoman Sarah Lora told the Associated Press.

The gear was stuck in about 12 inches of mud, as there had recently been heavy rain in the area, KSTP reported.

Lora says that no injuries were reported among the 160 passengers, who got off the plane were put on another flight that left Reagan about 7:30 p.m.

Delta Airline released a statement, cited by NBC, saying:

"On taxi to a holding area prior to departure, the right side landing gear of Delta flight 1763 from Washington Reagan National Airport to Minneapolis/St. Paul exited the pavement and made contact with airfield turf. There were no injuries and passengers have been bused back to the terminal where they are being reaccommodated on another aircraft estimated to depart at 7 p.m. Eastern."