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Golden Corral dumpster ribs? Video shows trays next to trash

A video shot by Golden Corral cook Brandon Huber is going viral after showing a restaurant in Florida storing ribs next to a dumpster outside.
Golden Corral dumpster ribs 2013 07-08Enlarge
Raw ribs are shown sitting next to a dumpster outside a Golden Corral in Florida in this video shot by cook Brandon Huber that's gone viral. (YouTube)

All-you-can-eat ribs, anyone? You may want to think twice — no, maybe three times — efore heading to your local Golden Corral.

A video shot by cook Brandon Huber shows one of the chain's restaurants in Florida storing ribs, burger patties, bacon and other perishable food near a dumpster outside.

Black flies can be seen swarming around some of the meat.

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"To me this is disgusting," Huber says in the video that's now gone viral. "This is what my company likes to do to get ready for inspection. They like to put their food by the dumpster. I'm an employee here. I've been working here for a long time. And I don't feel that this is right."

He further alleges the food would normally be brought back inside and served to customers at the Port Orange, Fla., location.

Eric Holm, the owner of the Golden Corral where the video was filmed, told The Huffington Post the manager involved in the snafu has been fired.

In a statement responding to a post by Gawker, Golden Corral said none of the food in the video was served and that Huber himself helped dispose of it.

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They further allege that Huber's dad tried to sell them the video for $5,000 — an offer that was rejected.

Some are calling Huber the fast-food world's Edward Snowden (tongue firmly in cheek).

But the fallout from this PR disaster is likely to be no joke.