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Gopher living near rocket launch pad becomes internet sensation (VIDEO)

A gopher living under a rocket launch pad in Baikonur, Kazakhstan has become an internet star after attempting to eat the video camera that is filming him.
Gopher holeEnlarge
A gopher in Kazakhstan living under a rocket launch pad becomes an internet sensation. (Youtube/YouTube)

A gopher in Kazakhstan living under a rocket launch pad has become an internet star.

According to Yahoo News, the YouTube video is called "He lives at Baikonur cosmodrome" and has so far been watched by nearly 230,000 people.

The footage of the gopher hanging out near his hole (and at one point trying to eat the camera) was taken by an official for the Russian space agency.

Baikonur has been used for numerous launches for Russian space shuttles, including the famed Sputnik, reported NPR.

The latest launch was on Sunday carrying Russian, Japanese and US astronauts on a mission to the International Space Station.

It appears the gopher isn't bothered by what is going on above.


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