Inflatable just-add-water concrete tent invented (VIDEO)

A new quick-and-easy concretable tent developed by a British firm may be able to provide refugees more secure shelter. Here, a displaced Syrian youth sells goods in front of his tent at the refugee camp of Qah along the Turkish border in the village of Atme on Feb. 7, 2013.

An inflatable tent that turns into concrete when it gets wet has been developed by a pioneering British firm, according to the innovation company PSFK

The new Concrete Canvas Shelter, as it is called, is easily erected by two people in less than an hour and hardens into a concrete structure once it's been filled up with water and blown up, completely setting within a day, according to PSFK

The UK-based Concrete Canvas company seems to have made the tent with the military in mind, but it will likely be useful in natural disaster situations as well. 

National Geographic described the invention's implications as "far-reaching." 

Watch their video report on the new technology here: