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Israeli man strips at insurance conference to protest

He was protesting a new policy introduced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu last month.
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#19 โ€” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu โ€” Facebook: 139,210; Twitter: 24,923. (RONEN ZVULUN/AFP/Getty Images)

An Israeli insurance salesman was unhappy with a new policy that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu introduced last month. So unhappy, in fact, that he stripped down to his underwear. He then removed that as well. 

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Last month Netanyahu decided to reduce the maximum management fees that insurance companies could impose on saving plans, Globes reported

Insurance companies have spoken out against the new law, saying that it will cost them millions. "The regulations on management fees are liable to impact the company's profitability," a spokesman from Clal Insurance, one of Israel's largest insurance companies, told Reuters.  

Oren El-On, a senior manager at the Phoenix insurance company, decided that angry quotes to the media weren't enough to get his point across.

He was standing before hundreds at an insurance conference today when he put on the striptease, Haaretz reported. He removed his clothes, walked behind a screen, and then threw his boxers in the air. A religious woman walked out of the room.

Brokers told Haaretz that El-On has previously protested the fee caps by cutting his hair with electric hair clippers.