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Lost dog in New York found fourteen months later - in North Carolina

The pooch, which went missing from Queens, NY, in May last year, took an incredible journey that ended 14 months and more than 500 miles later in North Carolina.
Maltese dog foundEnlarge
A motorist picked found the pooch on a highway and took her to a local rescue club, which checked her for a microchip. (RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images)

Looking matted and dishevelled, the dog, Annie, was found by a motorist in the middle of a highway in Liberty, North Carolina.

The New York Daily News reported that the motorist took Annie to a local rescue group, who checked its microchip and discovered its owner lived in Queens.

“I am in complete shock,” said owner Jessica Ortiz, 26, who was in tears when she received the phone call last Thursday.

“We had searched and searched for her. I had resigned myself to the fact that she was gone and was just hoping she was with a good family," she told The New York Daily News

Annie, a Maltese/Westie mix who appeared well-fed but matted when she was found, is expected to be returned to its owner in a few days.