New Jersey man caught with 100 bags of heroin in anus

Bags of heroin seized by the Thai narcotic police department.

What started as a routine traffic stop in New Jersey turned into an unusual drug bust after the driver was found to have 100 bags of heroin concealed in his anus.

Rasoul Speight, 32, and his passenger were driving on the Palisades Interstate Parkway when police pulled them over last Thursday, the New York Daily News reported.

The officers arrested the pair after discovering they had outstanding traffic warrants.

Back at the station, police conducted a body search and discovered tiny bags of heroin worth between $1000-$2000 stuffed inside Speight’s anus, the Daily Mail reported.

According to The Smoking Gun, the find appears to be a record for this specific method of drug concealment.

Speight, a member of the Bloods gang, is now facing a narcotics charge.