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Man arrested for calling 911

After complaining that Taco Bell refused to serve him.

A man was arrested after calling 911 to report that a Taco Bell refused service.

Terry Kimball believed that he was acting responsibly. He knew that he was too drunk to drive, but had a serious case of the munchies.

Thus, he walked himself over to the local Taco Bell, where he attempted to order his meal.

However, taco bell has a strict policy: no car no food. Kimball, got frustrated, then called 911.

Here's the script from dispatch, as reported by AOL/Huffington Post.

911: "Largo emergency."
Kimbell: "It's not an emergency. However, can you -- can you put me through to dispatch? I'm at the Taco Bell, and I walked in, and I left my car on purpose, so I wouldn't drink and drive. I walked up, they wouldn't serve me. So, I'm at the Taco Bell at 137th and Walsingham and I just want some tacos. That's it."
911: "What are the employees saying?"
Kimbell: "You can't walk up, you've got to drive up. You got a get a DUI to get a taco. I got the munchies and I walked a quarter mile from here. Are you going to help me out or do I have to get arrested to get home? You know what I'm saying?"
911: "Well, we're not going to take you home."
Kimbell: "I want you to call the manager at the Taco Bell."

He was charged with misuse of the 911 system- but not for drunk driving.