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Man shoots his own buttocks after accidentally dropping gun in movie theater

A Nevada man who shot himself says a gun fell from his pocket while he watched "The Bourne Legacy."
Aurora shooting aftermath 21 7 2012Enlarge
An American tragedy: the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado, has US voters talking about gun control, again. But will it prove anything more than talk? (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

The deadly Aurora shootings renewed a debate about gun control, with many people arguing that guns should be kept out of the hands of mentally unstable people. But what about klutzy people? Less than a month after "The Dark Knight Rises" shootings, a 56-year-old Nevada man created a new movie theater scare when he accidentally dropped his gun, the Associated Press reported

During a showing of “The Bourne Legacy," a gun fell out of the man's pocket, NBC News reported. It fired as it hit the floor. The bullet went straight to his buttocks. 

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Despite being shot, the man immediately got up, apologized, and busted out of the theater before the police arrived. Smooth. He was later found at a Reno hospital. “The (man) was cooperative with police and admitted that his gun fell out of his pocket and when it hit the floor it discharged,” police told the Reno-Gazette Journal

The man has a valid permit to carry a gun, but the case will nonetheless be forwarded to the City Attorney's office to investigate how it went off, the Journal said. 


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