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Masked Avengers crank call Ban Ki Moon in plea for NHL hockey

Radio shock jocks Masked Avengers prank UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, ask for help with NHL strike.
Syria un ban ki moon september 4 2012Enlarge
United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon listens as Bashar Ja'afari, Syria's ambassador to the United Nations, addresses the U.N. General Assembly on September 4, 2012 in New York City. (Spencer Platt/AFP/Getty Images)

Two Quebec radio shock jocks followed their prank on UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon with a courtesy call to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

The Masked Avengers – Sébastien Trudel and Marc-Antoine Audette of CKOI-FM in Montreal – called the United Nations this week and asked to speak with Moon.

They jumped through a few hoops, but the Avengers eventually pulled Moon from a meeting with US President Barack Obama by pretending to be Harper.

“Mr. Ban, I’m calling because the UN has to give support to the Quebec Nordiques ... You have to speak to Gary Bettman,” the fake Harper said, according to the Toronto Sun.

The Quebec Nordiques are a failed NHL franchise that moved south the Denver and became the Colorado Avalanche.

Bettman is commissioner of the NHL, which is embroiled in a labor dispute with players and recently cancelled its pre-season games.

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The regular NHL schedule is now in jeopardy.

Moon eventually wised up to the prank.

“I don’t understand what you are saying,” Ban said, the Sun reported.

“My impression is that I’m being fooled.”

The duo followed their prank against Moon by calling Harper himself, pretending to be a Quebec politician asking for advice.

“He was a good sport,” Audette told The Canadian Press.

“He was very nice, but serious. ... He said, ‘Ah, so it's a joke.’ He greeted our audience and that was it.”

The prime minister’s spokesman congratulated the “Justiciers” on Twitter.

The masked Avengers gained worldwide fame by snaring 2008 vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin in an embarrassing prank call.

They’ve also prank called Bono, Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Mick Jagger and others.

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