Esperma de tiburon: Mexican politician uses shark sperm for 'expression lines' (VIDEO)

Say goodbye to wrinkles with shark sperm. At least one Mexican politician swears by it.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – Politicians spend a lot of time in front of cameras and talking to their constituents, so it is understandable they want to look their best.

But one Mexican politician is going a little overboard with his beauty regime.

Meet Guillermo Romo, a congressman for the Institutional Revolutionary Party in the central state of Guanajuato, who uses shark sperm to keep his complexion wrinkle-free.

Yep, shark sperm, or esperma de tiburon in Spanish. And how do we know this?

Romo — not one to shirk the limelight — allowed himself to be interviewed on camera on Thursday in the men’s bathroom of the Guanajuato Congress as he prepared for an extraordinary session of parliament.

Flanked by three assistants, Romo showed the reporter his arsenal of beauty products in two well-stocked cases, including face creams, make-up, eye drops and shark sperm.

“That is what?” asked the clearly shocked reporter from Contrapunto News.

“That can’t be true!”

Oh, but it is.

Without a hint of embarrassment, Romo explained to the reporter that shark sperm nourished the skin and helped reduce “expression lines.”

Romo shot to fame in Mexico a few months ago when he dressed up in a matador's outfit to defend bullfighting, or la fiesta brava.

News that he smears shark sperm on his face is sure to enhance his notoriety.