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Minnesota man, Patrick Costanzo, pleads guilty to stealing $25,000 in Tide detergent

Surveillance cameras at a local Walmart captured Costanzo entering the store more than two dozen times.
Tide detergent theft 2012 03 13Enlarge
Tide laundry detergent, made by Procter & Gamble Co., is seen on display at the Arguello Supermarket in San Francisco. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images) (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

A Minnesota man has pleaded guilty to stealing $25,000 in Tide laundry detergent from a Walmart store.

Patrick Costanzo, 55, of South St. Paul, was charged with theft after surveillance cameras showed him entering the store more than two dozen times, Minneapolis TV station KTSP reported.

Police told KTSP he admitted to the thefts over a 15-month period.

Security at the West St. Paul store called police on Feb. 7 after an internal audit showed large amounts of Tide laundry detergent missing from the inventory, TV station KMSP reported.

Police waited with store officials for Costanzo to show back up. When he didn't, they left, although they returned moments later after Costanzo was spotted trying to push a cart filled with items out of the store, KMSP reported.

Tide thefts are up nationwide, as thieves realize they can sell the detergent for less on the street and turn a profit, National Public Radio reported.


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