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Potty humor in space: Check out these NASA moon mission transcripts

Toilet troubles greeted with amusement aboard Apollo 10.
Earth At NightEnlarge
A screengrab of the NASA video, Earth at Night, shows our globe in great detail. (NASA/YouTube/YouTube)

It's 1969, and everyone's laughing aboard Apollo 10 as a team of American astronauts hurtle toward through space. Indeed, quite a discovery had been made.

"Give me a napkin, quick," one astronaut says. "There's a turd floating through the air."

"I didn't do it," someone else says. "It ain't one of mine."

"I don't think it's one of mine," says another.

"Mine was a little more sticky," the first guy says. "Throw that away." 

There's all this and more in new transcripts released by NASA of conversations aboard 1969 Apollo 10 moon mission. From Gizmodo

"Clearly the astronauts in question—Thomas P. Stafford, John W. Young and Eugene A. Cernan—hadn't quite gotten to grips with how to go to the toilet in space, as these NASA transcripts from the mission reveal. Tales of floating turds, sticky poop and inventive use of napkins is rather... eye opening."

Read the transcripts in full here. Alternatively, get in on the spatial potty humor NASA unwittingly inspired over at Reddit