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Seattle men busted for illegal chocolate eggs at Canadian border

German Kinder Eggs contain a toy inside, banned because of choking hazards.
Kinder eggs 2012 07 18Enlarge
Kinder Eggs, made in Germany, are banned in the US because they're considered a choking hazard. (A. Kniesel/Wikimedia commons)

Two Seattle men are busted at the Canadian border. Not for drugs or guns. But illegal candy.

Brandon Loo and Christopher Sweeney told Seattle TV station KOMO they spent more than two hours in a detention center following a visit to Vancouver after U.S. border agents discovered six chocolate Kinder Eggs in their vehicle.

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The German eggs contain a toy inside and are illegal in the U.S. because of choking hazards. Importing them can lead to a hefty fine, according to The Associated Press.

The men were eventually released on a warning.

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A U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokesman declined comment to the AP about the case Tuesday night.

According to the AP, the agency seized more than 60,000 Kinder Eggs from travelers' baggage and international mail shipments last year.