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News you wish you didn't know.

Steve Jobs' stolen iPad given to Kenny the Clown

Kenny the Clown says he didn't know he had Steve Jobs' stolen iPad, given to him by a friend charged with the burglary.
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A man navigates through the new iPad 2 during its launch in the Philippines at an Apple store in Manila on April 29, 2011. (Noel Celis/AFP/Getty Images)

What would you do with Apple co-founder Steve Jobs' iPad?

Kenneth Kahn, a 47-year-old professional clown who goes by the name Kenny the Clown, had the late Jobs' silver 64GB iPad all to himself for a few days this month after receiving it from a friend.

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He downloaded Michael Jackson and the "Pink Panther" theme song to iTunes to entertain kids and tourists during his Bay Area gigs, the San Jose Mercury News reported.

What he didn't know was that the iPad was stolen.

And that it had been taken, along with several other items, during a burglary of Jobs' Palo Alto, California, home in July.

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"It would be like getting a football from Joe Montana that was stolen out of his house," Kahn said. "It's bizarre; it's really bizarre.

His friend, Kariem McFarlin, 35, was arrested Aug. 2 and accused of breaking into the Jobs home and stealing iPods, Macs, jewelry and Jobs' wallet.

McFarlin gave Kahn and his daughter iPads stolen from the Jobs home on July 17, investigators told The Associated Press.

Apple and the Jobs family have declined to comment.