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Teachers scolded after students eat moose poop

3 staff watch as parent tricks 2 students into eating droppings on canoe trip.
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Three teachers in Manitoba, Canada, face discipline after watching a parent trick two students into eating moose poop during a class trip. (PATRIK STOLLARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Three teachers face disciplinary actions after a parent tricked students into eating moose poop during a class canoe trip in Manitoba, Canada.

The parent collected some droppings during the annual outing, and said he was going to use them for a joke.

When Karen Eyolfson’s 13-year-old son walked into the room, he was told they were chocolate, CBC reported.

“He dug into a bag and popped one in his mouth. As soon as it hit his mouth somebody tells him, ‘You just ate moose shit,’ and the whole group of people started laughing at him,” she told CBC.

Eyolfson removed her son from Walter Whyte School in Grand Marais, Man., as a result.

She wants the school principal – who watched the incident with a teacher and counselor – fired.

A second girl, who didn’t see it happen the first time, was told the droppings were a mixture of grass and berries, reported. 

“She was chewing it, and it got stuck in her braces,” said Angie Jonski, whose nephew and two nieces were on the trip.

The staff members now face disciplinary action after school trustees met on Tuesday night, the Winnipeg Free Press said.

“It’s a personnel matter and personnel matters are private,” superintendent Scott Kwasnitza told the Free Press.

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