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Watch out, James Bond: Canadian spy agency, CSIS, releases recruitment videos on YouTube (VIDEO)

The unintentionally hilarious videos portray Canada's spies as overly earnest dorks faced with situations more Dudley Do-Right than James Bond.
Canadian spy agency recruitment video 20120929Enlarge
The Canadian spy agency, CSIS, has released a series of unintentionally hilarious recruitment videos on YouTube in a campaign to attract new agents. (YouTube)

The Canadian spy agency, CSIS, has released a series of recruitment videos on YouTube in an attempt to attract new, young agents. 

There's dramatic music, dim lighting, jumpy, surveillance camera-like footage and testimonials from actual Canadian spies (stilted script delivery, amusing accents and all). 

But the unintentionally funny videos also tap into Canadian stereotypes, portraying Canada's elite intelligence agents as overly earnest, dorky do-gooders faced with situations more Dudley Do-Right than James Bond.

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Toronto-based newspaper The Globe and Mail reported that CSIS released the videos quietly, without any promotion.

In one of the videos, which the Globe dubbed "The Trail of the Apparent Soccer Mom," a phalanx of agents tail a frumpy blonde woman carrying a backpack. They follow her around the airport, on subways, bicycles, and in a grey minivan. We are never told why.

In another video, an agent named Allison pursues a potential intelligence source through the city of Vancouver before finally befriending him.

The Globe writes: "she reaches into her pocket and pulls out a CSIS business card, as if to say: 'Hey I just met you. And this is crazy. But here’s my number. So call me, maybe.'"

Have a look at these videos, and let us know: are you tempted to become a Canadian spy?