BCS is dead: Long live the 4-team college football playoff

Marquis Maze (No. 4) and the Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate after defeating the LSU Tigers in the 2012 BCS national championship game at the Superdome on Jan. 9 in New Orleans. Alabama won of 21-0.

When commissioners from the 11 major college football conferences – and Notre Dame’s athletic director – announced Tuesday plans for a playoff, there was much rejoicing.

Finally. “Easiest decision ever,” talking head Jim Rome tweeted. However, the excitement has died down a day later, and more questions than ever have surfaced.

Just who is going to be invited to this exclusive club? Why only four teams, why not eight or 16?

Seems like the debate about how to decide the top college football team in America hasn’t vanished, it’s just changed topics.