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Chinese fans literally crush on Beckham, seven injured

David Beckham canceled an appearance at a Shanghai university after a fan “stampede” injured at least seven people.
David beckham china crushEnlarge
People gather around a man injured in a crush as David Beckham arrives at Tongji University on June 20, 2013 in Shanghai, China. (Getty Images/Getty Images)

Beckham fever struck China on Thursday, when a fan stampede injured at least seven people, including five security personnel. 

About 1,000 people had arrived at a Shanghai Tongji University stadium, where the recently retired soccer star, on a weeklong tour in China, was set to meet the college's soccer team.  

But as soon as David Beckham stepped out of his black Bentley, a crush of fans rushed towards him. 

“I wanted to take a picture of Beckham [but] people kept pushing forwards,” a witness told the Telegraph. “I wanted to get out [of the crowd] but I couldn't. The teachers were shouting, 'Don't push,' but the boys kept pushing. [My legs were] pressed into to my chest so I couldn't breath.”

Here's a picture of the scene: 

And another, via the Telegraph:

Beckham, who was forced to leave the area, issued a statement apologizing for his change of plans. “Sorry I couldn't get out on the pitch to see the teams. It was impossible to get through the massive crowds,” he wrote, adding that he hoped the injured recovered soon.


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