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Pakistan too dangerous for Bangladesh cricketers

Citing security concerns, Bangladesh's cricket team refused to tour Pakistan.
Bangladesh cricketEnlarge
The Bangladesh cricket board canceled its Pakistan tour, saying it was too dangerous on Dec. 31, 2012. (Strdel/AFP/Getty Images)

Bangladesh cricketers will not tour Pakistan said Bangladesh Cricket board president Nazmul Hasan, citing security concerns, the BBC reported.

"Bangladesh will not visit Pakistan for now," said Hasan, adding, “We have noticed the security situation in Pakistan has not improved significantly, rather deteriorated."

The January game would have been the first international match in Pakistan since the 2009 attack on Sri Lanka's team bus that killed Sri Lanka players and eight Pakistanis.

"In this circumstance, we think it will not be very wise to tour," Hasan said. "We have conveyed our decision to Pakistan already. We are observing the situation. If the situation improves we will keep our commitment."

India Today called the decision a " serious blow to Pakistan's efforts to resume international cricket in the country." It's the second time Bangladesh canceled a Pakistan tour due to security concerns.