Florida man donates 100 gallons of blood

A South Florida man has reached a rare milestone, for donating 100 gallons of blood.

Last month, South Florida Harold Mendenhall was credited with donating his 100th gallon of blood.

The 84-year-old first started giving blood on July 7, 1977 and has been donating ever since.

Florida blood bank OneBlood clarified that the donation was actually, platelets, a blood product.

According to the American Red Cross, many people suffering from diseases like leukemia often require platelets.

Mendenhall told The Palm Beach Post that even after 400 times, he still doesn't like to watch them draw the blood.

“Make sure you give me the sharp needle, not that square one,” Mendenhall joked with OneBlood worker LaTonia Federick. “They always compliment me on my veins.”

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Mendenhall first donated after his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was after she died seven years later, he started regularly visiting the blood bank on his way home from work.

He said it helped him cope with feelings of loss after the deaths of both his wife and, later, two of his five sons. Those sons died at the ages of 47 and 53.

"Giving blood can only be done by a human being, so that's been my payback for my career and my good health and all the blessings I've had," Mendenhall told CBS News.