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Argentine "Dirty War" suspect arrested

Luis Enrique Baraldini had allegedly been hiding in Bolivia for several years under a false name.

Bolivian authorities say they have arrested an Argentine ex-military officer wanted for crimes committed during Argentina's military dictatorship.

Luis Enrique Baraldini has been "very much sought after as a longtime fugitive... for personally torturing people, according to witness accounts," said Argentine Security Minister Nilda Garre at a news conference, reported AFP.

Bolivia said the suspect was apprehended in Santa Cruz, some 560 miles east of the Bolivian capital. He had allegedly been living there for several years under a false name.

Argentina had offered an award of 23,000 for information leading to his arrest, reported the Buenos Aires Herald.

Baraldini is accused of human rights violations during Argentina's miltiary dictatorship, when he served as chief of police.

An estimated 30,000 people died during Argentina's "Dirty War."