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From nuclear threats to dark-horse celebrity ambassadors, North Korea has made a name for itself as a hotbed of severity, secrecy and scandal.

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Egypt cafe men 0

'Coffee Shop' represents the type of TV programming that Egyptians might soon see more of now that Salafis, a small sect of fundamentalist Muslims, have increased their political clout.

"Coffee Shop" is said to represent the sort of TV programming that Egyptians might soon see more of now that the Salafis, a small but fundamentalist group of Muslims, have increased their political clout. full story
Julia Gillard Australia sexism

At a political fundraiser held for for Mal Brough, the menu featured a dish called the 'Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail: Small Breasts and Huge Thighs and A Big Red Box.'

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard on Wednesday accused the Conservative Liberal opposition party of misogynist behavior after they featured a "grossly sexist and offensive" menu for a party fundraiser held for Mal Brough, a former government minister under prime minister John Howard and now... full story